Monday 28th April – Genesis 6:8-9

God good creation has been put into reverse by the devastating effects of sin, and death is now a regular feature of his creation (chapter 5), exactly as God promised in the garden. The question is, will God totally destroy mankind?

Read Genesis 6:5-10

What is so bleak about the assessment of the human heart in verse 5? Is it any better now (see Romans 3:10-12)?

Why is it important to remember God’s personal grief at sin, as well as his blazing anger?

Verse 8 says literally “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord”. What is the danger in thinking that he was chosen because of his goodness?

In fact, his righteousness follows on from his being given God’s grace (verse 9). How will you respond to God’s grace as you walk with him today?

Pray: Praising God that he treats utterly sinful people with grace, and that the knowledge of that in your life would transform the way you live for him today.



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