Tuesday 29th April – Genesis 6:11-13

The context of Genesis chapter 3-5, and chapter 6 verses 5-10, testify to the sinfulness of the human heart – a problem which centuries of human ingenuity have failed to remedy. On the one hand, God has chosen one man to respond to his grace. On the other hand, unrepentant people will face God’s judgement.

Read Genesis 6:11-13, and think about the following questions…

The words ‘corrupt’, ‘earth’, and ‘violence’ are repeated a number of times. Why is the passage so insistent about the sinfulness of the whole world, do you think?

In fact, the word for ‘destroy’ is an intensive version of the word for ‘corrupt’ – God is pushing the effects of sin to their ultimate conclusion. How will that help you to see sin for what it really is?

Read 2 Peter 3, verses 1-12. How is the flood a reminder for us of the destruction that this world will face?

How do these verses give you a helpful suspicion of your own motives? How will they help you not to love this world?

Pray: Asking God to give you a right hatred of sin, and a right longing for him to bring corruption and injustice to an end.


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