Wednesday 30th April – Genesis 6:14-17

The universal corruption of sin must be judged by the God who is judge of the whole world. But he is also acting in gracious mercy to save one man and his family…

Read Genesis 6:14-16

Why do you think God’s instructions in these verses are so specific? How does that show his grace?

The word ark is only used in one other part of the Bible – of the basket Moses was placed in (Exodus 2:1-5). What do the two vessels have in common?

In fact, the word for ‘ark’ comes from the Egyptian for coffin. How might the ark be a reminder of the way that God saves people in the face of death?

How specifically has God planned to save you in the face of death? How will you let that reassure you as you think about your future?

Pray: for those you know who are aware that they are reaching the end of their lives – that they would be trusting in God’s provision of a means of escape in the Lord Jesus.


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