30th Sept 2016 – Trinity Prayer Diary

Give thanks that in Christ the church is God’s building, God’s temple. Pray that we would realise that more and more so that we might indulge in fewer comparisons and turn away from jealousy. Pray that Trinity would be a church that is united in Christ not divided by differences that are levelled out in Him.


29th Sept 2016 – Trinity Prayer Diary

Pray for those families at Trinity where children have recently started new schools. Pray children and parents alike would know God goes with them into the ups and downs of a new environment. Pray they would increasingly depend on God in prayer in tiredness, stress and with any fears. And pray that children would be able to form good friendships and start to settle in.

28th Sept 2016 – Trinity Prayer Diary

Storycorner meets this morning – 10-11.30am (Story: Joshua and Jericho)

Give thanks that God is a great big God. Give thanks that though he is awesome and holy he loves and knows us intimately. Praise him that he loves us so much that he sent his Son to die, that we might not perish. Pray we’d be able to make this good news known among the local area in lots of different ways. Pray that many would come to know God through Christ, so he would be glorified in this part of Islington.

27th Sept 2016 – Trinity Prayer Diary

Small groups start again tonight. 7.30pm for food, 8pm start. (Micah 1:1-16)

Give thanks that God is a speaking God. Pray we would listen to well to him as hear from Micah 1:1-16 this evening. Pray that Trinity would be full of people who long to be challenged by God’s word and who seek to sharpen and build one another up by it. Pray that God would be building his church as we meet together.