Your Kingdom Come: want to discover more?

In the 1 Kings 1-11 series, we’ve looked at a preview of God’s kingdom  – God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule at the time of Solomon in 970BC. Based on a human, imperfect king, it couldn’t last. The kingdom begun in Jesus, though, can. And one day this kingdom, now started, will come to complete fulfilment in the new creation.

Perhaps you’re interested in joining this kingdom. Or maybe you’re a Christian, but you’re not used to considering the Christian life in kingdom terms. Or maybe you’ve never really thought about 1 Kings before & you’d like to know some more. Here are some more resources that you might like to look at over the next few weeks in order to fill you in.

Resources on 1 Kings

There are some great video summaries of Bible books on Youtube put together under the title ‘Read Scripture’. The summary of 1-2 Kings is fast-paced but brilliantly concise.

There’s a sermon by Mark Dever on 1 Kings 1-11 here. Well worth a listen.

Dale Ralph Davis’ book ‘1 Kings: the Wisdom and the Folly’ is a good read and great on the detail, though not always as good on the big picture – you can buy a copy here

Resources on the Kingdom

I’d start with Vaughen Roberts’ summary of the unfolding story of God’s kingdom, ‘God’s Big Picture‘. Calling in at various points in the Bible, it explains the kingdom as one of the main themes of scripture. It’s been made into a free series of videos here as well.

There’s a short, but slightly more technical, summary of the Kingdom of God here. It’s taken from the NIV Study Bible, and makes some helpful connections between Old and New Testaments.

If you want to think about the kingdom in real depth, Tom Schreiner has just published a book about it called ‘The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross‘. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but people who have, have loved it.

Do keep on thinking about the implication of 1 Kings 1-11. And as you do so, keep longing for the kingdom to come.